Is It Worth Using a VPN?

Are you tired of having your every movement tracked online? Are you sick of having your private search records, the websites you visit and the things you buy being handed over to the United States’ governmental agencies by the companies whose Internet services you use?

If so, it may be time for you to use a VPN. After all, if you want privacy, then a VPN will definitely give you that.

What is a VPN? — VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is a system that allows you to connect to the Internet and to have what you do cloaked no matter where you go.

That means your Internet service provider cannot tell where you go or what you look at, and the websites you visit cannot find out who you are. They also find it more difficult to block you.

Where to get a VPN? — You can either pay for one or use one of the many free ones available online. Just be sure to do your research before signing up for one, as some are definitely better than others. You can check out a comparison of popular VPN providers at

Free ones tend to be good for the basic VPN services but, if you want to be able to access every site you want to read and to be able to completely cloak yourself from anyone knowing who you are or where you go, a paid VPN service is generally better.

What are the advantages of using a VPN? — As already mentioned, having your movements online being cloaked is the main advantage, as it stops anyone from being able to see where you go.

This is specifically important if you are trying to hide what you are doing from your ISP or from a governmental agency.

Sharing files more securely — You can also share files more securely through a VPN, which is why companies often use them so that they can more easily protect their company information.

Unblocking websites — There are many websites around the world that block visitors from specific countries, or that only allow visitors to access their sites and their videos if they are from the same country.

A VPN can give you a fake IP so that you look as though you are from that country to the website itself. This completely unblocks the site and allows you to read everything and watch everything, just as you would be able to do if you are there.

People use a VPN this way for watching services like Netflix and Hulu.

Performance is often better — Once you connect through a VPN, you may be surprised to see that the speed of your Internet surfing is suddenly much faster.

This is because using a VPN allows you to navigate around certain things your Internet service provider puts in place to slow down the bandwidth you use. Once using a VPN, they cannot.

Security from hackers — A good VPN can also protect you from hackers invading your computer, and from your computer being contaminated with a virus.