Hearing Loss Is Lost Forever If You Do Not Protect Your Right To Hear

Human beings are well-known for abusing a good thing. One of our valuable gifts we abuse is our hearing. We think nothing of attending noisy concerts, rallies, demonstrations, theaters, sports events, night clubs, and the list goes on . . .


It is reported that hearing loss in the recent years has exceeded projections. The World Health Organization estimates that over 360 million people worldwide are suffering from hearing loss and that number is expected to continue to rise every year.


What Are A Few of the Major Causes of Hearing Loss?

It does not take a genius to figure out that loud, excessive noise is the number one cause of hearing loss, but what is considered loud noise to our hearing system? Not “a” loud noise, but consistent loud noise. Our ears are subjected to loud noise every day, but consistent hammering, blasting, yelling, screaming, drilling, banging, etc. over time will destroy the hair follicles in the ears.


There are three main areas of our ear

The outer ear – The middle ear – And the inner ear


The outer and inner areas protect the eardrum. The sounds we hear are transferred in the inner ear to vibrations. The hair follicles play an important part of our hearing system. At this point the vibrations become impulses sent to the brain and are instantly translated into the individual sounds we hear, such as music, running water, chewing sounds, voices, and so on. Loud noises damage the nerve endings and destroy the receivers of sound and noise. The hair follicles lay down and no longer protect the inner ear and receive sound signals. This damage is permanent – it will not get better if you stay away from concerts, sports events, or screaming crowds. It is gone forever!


The hearing system is fragile and should be treated as such. A good rule of thumb in testing if sounds are too loud for your hearing system is to make a visual judgment of when you need to raise your voice to hear over the surrounding sounds. If you are talking to someone 2’ feet away from you, and you need to raise your voice to be heard . . . The sound is too loud.


Replace Ear Plugs When . . .

What Are The 5 Most Common Reasons for Protecting Our Ears?

  • When ear plugs have lost their shape and are worn.
  • When ear plugs become rigid.
  • Ears become sore from repeatedly wearing the same set of ear plugs. Old and worn ear plugs can cause ear infections and sores, advancing to hearing loss.


Wear Ear Plugs!

  • Noise Reduction – Excessive noise in general at concerts, festivals, sporting events, and clubs. So get the best ear plugs to cancel noise and protect your hearing.
  • Tinnitus – A ringing in one or both ears. Tinnitus is caused by exposure to loud noises. Causing hearing loss and sensitivity to sound. Tinnitus can also cause ear infections, ear trauma Meniere’s disease and other more serious illnesses.
  • Speakers – Sitting, dancing or talking too close to speakers and sound pressure levels are too high cause hearing loss, and in many cases, it is not a temporary, but a gradual loss of hearing from excessive sound pressure.
  • Occupational – Concert, festival, sporting events, musicians, and others must wear ear plugs when working these events for protection from hearing loss.
  • Microphones – Microphones project different ear threatening sounds than speakers and general noisy crowds.