Comparing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both technologies that aim to provide and satisfy the needs of the user. They both were created in order to enhance the experience of the user. These technologies consist of two main components, Real Life and Digital Life. Augmented reality and virtual reality uses these two components in an inverse manner. In terms of entertainment, both AR and VR are sought by users mostly to be entertained with its graphics and content.

Way back before the development of the internet, emergence of computers and laptops, breakthroughs on the internet and the popularity of smart phones, people visualize these things as impossible to attain. Yet with those matters present, the impossible is made possible. Manufacturing companies conducts studies and investigate on these matters in order for them to adapt, improve and release various products that are related to augmented reality and virtual reality.

In the field of Science and Medicine, both virtual reality and augmented reality have a great prospective in altering the landscape in the field of medicine by creating systems that allow the practice for surgeries. Both VR and AR have been used in treating and healing certain conditions may it be physical or psychological.