Analyzing the Need of an External Hard Drive for Your PS4

Analyzing the Need of an External Hard Drive for Your PS4

In the recent years, the increased graphics, multiple modes, and additional downloadable contents have made most of the games large in size. While the gaming consoles are getting advanced compared to previous versions, the game developers are also reciprocating the feelings with better graphics, additional levels, and added options to engage the gamers. Though PS4 was a highly successful gaming console, it sometimes fails to address the need of customers in terms of storage requirements.


You should note that “Dishonored 2” released last year came with almost 38GB file size. Similarly, “Fallout 4” is weighing at around 28GB and “FIFA 17” came with nearly 41GB file size. Also, “Battlefield 1” stands at 45.5GB, “Dishonored 2” at 37.68GB, and “Grand Theft Auto V” at a file size of 44.87GB. Due to the increasing file size of latest editions of successful franchisees, the storage has become a real concern for most of the passionate gamers. If you are a great gamer and worrying about the storage, the external hard drive option would help you.


External Hard Drive for PS4


The update of PS4 that released in February this year added the option of an external HDD (e.g. to complement the PS4 Slim HDD) to the console. With the added functionality, the users can plug a USB 3.0 type HDD into their PS4 to get an expanded space. The gamers can choose HDDs up to a capacity of 8TB. They can download games, store it in their external hard drive, and launch it in the Content Launcher of their Home screen. It should be noted that the internal storage of the PS4 comes either with 500 GB or 1 TB versions, and the added feature is a significant addition to the requirement of storage.

Check Your Storage Needs


If you are not a regular gamer or do not choose too many games, you may not require an expanded storage. However, your PS4 could be used by other members of your family as well. They may have different gaming requirements than you. Always analyze the storage requirements in a broader perspective and go for the conclusion. If more than 80% of your storage space already used up, and you don’t have any files to delete to clear up space, then you are in critical need of storage space. If you are using a 500GB PS4 version, you actually get only 407GB for games. The remaining, 93GB, is occupied by the OS.


Put an Eye on the Future Needs


While you are analyzing the need for an external hard drive, you should also consider the future requirements. Most of the upcoming games from successful franchisees are coming with massive storage needs. For example, the PS4 version of “FIFA 18” is expected to come with more than 40GB per the official information. The demo version of the game itself eating 7.3GB of space. You should also be aware of the future updates of the OS, additional downloadable contents of games, updates for the games, special events, and more.




Your analysis should be comprehensive enough to address both current and future needs. It will also help you to decide the capacity of the external hard drive with respect to your requirements.


The best way to use FIFA coins to build your Ultimate Team

Are you just starting out playing FIFA 17 and already feeling a bit lost when it comes to amassing enough FIFA coins to build your Ultimate Team? After all, there is so much to learn about the game without even thinking about building the number of coins you have at your disposal.

If so, take a deep breath and follow some of these quick tips. It really is not as difficult as it might seem to get a FIFA coins reserve and, once you have that, you can build a fabulous team.

Build a solid bronze team first — Do not worry about getting a good gold team up and running when you first start out. Instead, kick off your gameplay by concentrating on building a solid bronze team. You can do this by entering tournaments and playing games, because every time you win you will be awarded coins.

Get involved in the Season mode — Your next step is to get involved in the game’s Season mode, as this is where you will collect the most coins the easiest. Be sure to read all the rules for tournaments in this mode, as you really can rake in the coins if you know what you are doing.

Play online more than against the AI — While it may be tempting to cruise along playing games against the AI, this is not the best way to gain coins quickly. Instead, get online and play against a human opponent. Some of them might be a bit more difficult to beat but, once you do, you will be rewarded handsomely in gold coins.

In most cases, you will win at least 400 coins every time you beat a human opponent. Do that a few times in a day, and your coins will begin to add up and your chances of building an Ultimate Team will soon skyrocket.

Use modification cards to earn more FIFA coins — When it comes to using FIFA coins to build your ultimate team, you may be overlooking modification cards.

These are great to use when you buy a new player at the Transfer Market, as you can buy a low-priced player, then use a modification card to change the position he plays and improve his worth for other gamers. Immediately sell him on to another gamer, and you may be surprised at just how many coins you can earn this way.

Grab undervalued players — Know as much about each player as it is possible to know as, if you are an expert on the value of a certain player, you can grab the undervalued ones the minute they appear at the Transfer Market.

All you have to do then is turn around and re-sell them at a higher price. Then watch the money flow in.

Challenges and tournaments — There are weekly challenges and tournaments that can really net you some serious FIFA coins. Especially if you try to complete all of them.

You will find the list of the latest challenges and tournaments released by Electronic Arts in FIFA Ultimate Team. Start working your way through them and watch your FIFA coins rise quickly.

Using FIFA coins to build your Ultimate Team is easy once you know how to get a steady flow of coins coming in. These tips should definitely help you do exactly that.