Which Canadian VPN providers offer the best features?

If you are in Canada and looking for a Canadian VPN provider, you may find it quite difficult. This is because there are not many Canadian VPN providers. Instead, there are VPN providers that are based in other countries, and that offer their services in Canada.

For Canadians who want Internet privacy, using a VPN has become almost mandatory. This is due to invasive new Canadian laws that now require ISPs to keep records about everything their users are doing online.

That being said, there are some excellent Canadian VPN providers that may be based outside Canada, but definitely offer the right services for anyone living in Canada.

What features should good Canadian VPN providers offer? — While every VPN offers different features, there are some that every one of them should offer if you are considering using them.

The first, of course, is the refusal to log and store any of your private information. This should include all of your browser history, as any Canadian VPN provider that logs and stores it opens up your personal data to government snooping.

Other things they should offer include fast speeds, good security against phishers and hackers and fast speeds. They should also allow you to torrent files and to access services like the BBC in the UK and Netflix around the world.

Finally, make sure any Canadian VPN provider you register with has strong encryption and, as an added bonus, accepting payment with Bitcoin would also help.

The best Canadian VPN providers for your needs — First you need to be sure why you want to use a VPN, and what you expect it to provide that your regular Internet provider does not. This will then allow you to easily weed out the Canadian VPN providers that do not have these features.

Next, you should start with a look at these Canadian VPN providers, as they offer fleshed-out services that are likely to please most people as well as good security.

IPVanish is one of the best VPN providers at the moment as it is very fast, does not keep any logs of your personal data, allows you to torrent files and offers good encryption. IPVanish also accepts payment by Bitcoin if you really want to hide who you are from anyone wanting to find out.

NordVPN is another of the best VPN providers that offer a slew of services including fast speeds, servers in over 60 countries, good customer service and payment via Bitcoin. They also have superb customer service should you have any problems connecting.

Express VPN also tends to get some of the top accolades as, while it is more expensive than many other Canadian VPN providers, it offers features that are worth the extra cost.

These features include ridiculously fast speeds, more than one simultaneous connection so you can use it on several devices at one time and they do not keep any logs. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you find you are not happy with the VPN services they are providing.