Becoming famous on Instagram in five easy steps

Becoming famous on Instagram is something many people strive for, especially because it not only could end up making Instagram a full-time job for you, it could also end up making you quite a lot of money.

Becoming famous on Instagram is also not as difficult as you may think. Not if you follow these five easy steps, and follow them consistently.

Do you know any famous people? — Whether you know any famous people that are famous on Instagram, or are famous because they are singers, actors, politicians or songwriters, get at least one photo taken with them.

People tend to gravitate towards those who have good ‘connections’ and knowing a famous person is definitely that. Just make sure the photograph is a beautiful one, and that you use hashtags that include the person’s name plus anything connected to them. Post it and wait for the new followers to flood in. You can also buy real instagram likes to push your posts a bit further.

Use trending hashtags — The hashtags you use on your photos are incredibly important as they attract people to your Instagram account.

Check on trending hashtags before you upload every new photograph and include any in your photos that will actually fit the subject you have photographed.

Tell a story — Some of the photos that get the most likes are the ones with the longest stories attached to them.

Do not just write a short description and leave it at that. Instead, write a long story about the photograph, you, your day, a thought for the day or anything you think your viewers may be interested in.

Interestingly, many people on Instagram are as interested in what you have to say as they are about the photos you upload so make your descriptions long and interesting.

Develop your own style — Instead of trying to copy other people so that you can ‘fit in’, instead develop your own quirky style.

This will attract more people to your account. Just be sure that your style is interesting and unusual and, of course, consistent across every photo that you upload.

You can develop a style with the way you take photos, the filters you use, the descriptions you write or the clothing you wear.

Use a call to action — Calls to action are excellent things to have at the end of every photo description.

These calls to action can be anything from “What do you think? Leave a comment below” to asking for help, advice or information about something you have posted.

A call to action not only makes people feel more involved and more invested in what you are doing, it will often make them keep coming back to comment more.

As comments are another way people find your photos and your account, the more comments you have on any photo the better.

Just be sure to use different calls to action every time you post a new photo as, if you use the same one on every photo, people will quickly realize you are doing it just to get famous.