Applications of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality are applied to different aspects and studies in life. It is used to improve and easily understand the knowledge about these studies. Here are a some if its applications

  1. Archaeology- augmented reality is applied to give aid to research. Archaeologist used AR by creating different archaeological attributes into present day landscapes which allows them to conceive or determine possible site locations from existing structures.
  2. Architecture- augmented reality helps in visualizing building designs. Given a certain lot or an area, images generated by computers may be covered with these lots in order to know what it looks like after building it. The development of Global Positioning Data or GPS enables architects, developers, contractors, and engineers to properly visualize construction site models, underground infrastructure, pipes and cables by only using smart phones or laptops.
  3. Video games- this is where augmented reality is mostly used by students. Several games which can be played inside the comfort of your houses are being developed with augmented reality played by virtual AI enemies. The instant popular game Pokémon Go is one example of an AR on which the players will see in their phones creatures that they need to catch.